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How We Scored Each Hosting Service


We take care in our hosting evaluations. Each company is assessed from top-to-bottom, researched, discussed, and tested by NASA-trained rhesus monkeys. (Just kidding about the last part – they aren’t trained by NASA.)

Seriously, we wade through hosts good and bad so you don’t have to. These reviews are broken down into 5 sections: Website Builder, Features, User Friendly, Support, and Pricing and then scaled from 1 to 10. The score at the top is the average of all the scores combined. Below you will find how each section is reviewed.

Uptime & Reliability

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Does the hosting company promise to make sure your website is available 24/7? Do they ACTUALLY comply? We compare their promises with actual feedback and recorded downtime and also note any extra security measures they have put in place to prevent hackers from taking over.

User Friendly

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How easy it is it to get up and running? Is the control panel intuitive? Can you add or change things to the site with ease? Are the various tools, such as SEO and marketing, available and easy to implement?


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The most popular features used by typical hosting customers are inspected. We noted whether the feature was available as well as its usability factor:


– Is there a cap to bandwidth, or does the company offer it unlimited. If there is a cap, does the value outweigh the chance for overages?

Disk Space

– Is there sufficient disk space for pictures, text, and even video at all price levels?

Website Builder

– We examined the hosting company’s application that helps you create the actual website and rated according to ease-of-use, configurability, and advanced features.

Email Accounts

– How many addresses of can you have? Are POP and/or webmail included? How easy is it to manage users?

Shopping Carts

– What kind of options do you have for e-Commerce in terms of shopping carts? Are they easily configurable and reliable?


– What kind of visitor stats are available? Are they reliable and accurate? How easy are they to understand?

MySQL Database

– Does the hosting company offer MySQL? How many databases can you have? How can you administer those databases?

FTP Accounts

– How many FTP accounts can you have for each hosting plan? Is anonymous FTP available?

Multiple Domains

– How many can you have per account? Are subdomains allowed? How easy is it to buy or manage domains?


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Are the hosting prices easy to understand (i.e. no hidden fees)? Are you locked in to a contract? Are there discounts or coupons available? Is there a money-back guarantee?


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What kind of support is available 24/7? In addition to phone support, is there live chat, email, forums, videos, and FAQs? What is the wait time before you are helped? Are the tech support people knowledgeable and friendly?

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