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Putting You in Control of Your Social Media Networks

Sendible are one of the longer established social media monitoring and management tools that we have reviewed here at Website Planet, and despite only being a smaller company they do offer a service that bigger companies would be proud of. They are based in the UK but also provide extended support to the US.

With Sendible you can control all of your social media accounts from once place but also bring in your E-Mail account into the dashboard, so you can literally do everything from one location.

It’s not the cheapest tool on the market, but it certainly isn’t the most expensive either, it fits quite snugly in the middle.

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Why Choose Sendible?

  • Schedule automated messages across multi-platforms
  • Bring all your social media accounts under one platform, as well as E-mail and SMS
  • Measure the effectiveness of your social media and email campaigns.

Wondering if Sendible is the best option for your social media strategy?
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Monitoring and Analysis

9 9.0

Compare Monitoring and Analysis with the TOP 7 Social Media Tools


Thinking Ahead About Presentation

Usability isn’t one of Sendible’s stronger areas but it looks like they have tried to build up the program for the basic users as well as the advanced users. From a central database you can track mentions, look at click data, and integrate with customers and potential customers all from the same screen.

If you need to send out any reports to clients then Sendible turns data and stats into eye-pleasing graphs and pie charts, which can help users easily see which path their social media is taking, with in-depth reporting on clicks, top posts and engagement.

The only negative point that you will pick up on is the fact that there is no in-built URL shortener that you can help you track links.

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10 10

Compare Usability with the TOP 7 Social Media Tools


Looking More Like an Email Client

Sendible comes across like an email client rather than a social media management platform, but despite the email look and feel, there are plenty of features and tools available for you to use. From a usability standpoint though, the Sendible interface is a letdown and can be misleading for the user, as it does not come across like a social media management tool, it looks more like an email client.

When you pay for a social media package, you expect it to list all the functions and features that come with a management tool, clearly. I was looking for reports, mentions, analytics, and publishing tools, but found it very hard at first glance to locate these.

Believe it or not, the program does support all these features but finding where they are located and using them are two different matters.

You won’t be able to hit the ground running with Sendible, it will take some time to get yourself accustomed to where everything is.

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9 9.0

Compare Features with the TOP 7 Social Media Tools


Great Features, But Are They Included?

Sendible is packed full of tools and features, so the chances are if you need it, they most likely have it.

It’s fair to say that the selling point is the E-Mail and SMS integration; you can create email marketing campaigns as well as place a newsletter sign-up widget on your blog to capture details. Sendible also has a range of newsletter templates available for you to choose from.

One unique feature that is available to the Sendible system is the ability to send SMS messages to specific customers. However, you will need to purchase SMS tokens once you have sent more than 100 messages in a given month.

(Adding a service through the Sendible Interface)

Moving on to team members, and how many you can add, this depends on the price you are willing to pay. For the startup package you can add 2 team members and add more for an additional monthly fee.

If you need to send reports to clients then you will be delighted to know that in the Startup package you can get 2 branded reports, which means that you can apply your company logo or slogan to the report before sending it out. These reports will detail the statistics of any given social media account, from click growth right through to eye-pleasing graphs of how many likes your Facebook pages are getting in a certain time period.

The only issue with the features that Sendible offers is that most of the good features require a higher paid plan for actual access.


Social Media Networks
You can integrate all major social media networks

Message Scheduler
You can schedule posts for the next 30 hours for each of the social platforms above

Team Management
You can add a minimum of 2 team members and then assign them to groups

You can monitor mentions and sentiments

You can track performance by integrating your social activity into Google Analytics

Create Content & Publish
You can create and then publish content to your added social media accounts.

Integrate Emails
You can integrate your email account into the dashboard, giving you the ability to send and receive emails.

Access all your Facebook, LinkedIn and other social contacts from one place. You can add 300 contacts for free.

In-depth reports are available which include such metrics as sentiment percentages and mentions, you can also have 2 branded reports.

URL Shortener
There is no Built-in URL shortener.

You can send SMS directly to customers, with 100 initial credits per month.

You can interact and monitor conversations from all platforms, from one central dashboard.

There is a selection of newsletter templates to choose from.

The only disappointment is that Sendible will only schedule up to 30 hours, so if you are looking to get a full weeks scheduling in, then you may want to look at other tools.

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7 7.0

Compare Pricing with the TOP 7 Social Media Tools


Upgrade or Downgrade Whenever You Want

Each package carries a 30-day trial, which is a huge plus, you can take the time to see which plan is best suited to you. You can also downgrade, upgrade or cancel your package whenever you want to!

The negative point with Sendible is the pricing; the cheapest package is $39.99/£24.99 per month. When compared to other tools such as HootSuite, is an extra $30/£20 each month and you don’t get the full range of features.

If you are running a small business then the Business plan is the ideal solution, and offers all the features you need to start running your social media accounts from one place.

The term service simply means a social network or blogging platform that you can add to Sendible’s dashboard.

Package Details

Manage 40
Manage 80
Manage 120

Great for
Small business
Large business

Social media management
Everything from Solo
Everything from Marketer
Everything from Business

Publish & schedule messages
Flexible profile grouping
Team Collaboration Tools
Replace “via Sendible”

Posting via RSS
Automation Tools
Workflow features
Live Support

Robust Reports & Analytics
Report Builder
8 Branded reports
Unlimited Groups

Social Media Monitoring
Google Analytics Integration
Email support
18 Branded Reports

Contact Management
2 Branded Reports
4 Team members
6 Team Members

Additional Team Members



for £12.50/no
for £11.66/mo

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10 10

Compare Support with the TOP 7 Social Media Tools


Good Personal Support, But Lack of Whitepapers

Sendible, like many other social media management tools offer a community driven support forum where you can ask questions or find answers to any concerns or issues that you may have with the service.

They also offer email support and phone support for both the UK and USA, but if you are based outside these two countries then you won’t find a dedicated phone number. They also give Twitter and Facebook information on the site so you can go down that avenue to contact them if you want to.

sendible support

  • Email Support
  • Community Forum
  • Phone Support
  • Knowledge Base
  • Video Tutorials
  • Support Center
  • Live Chat
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Sendible covers the biggest range of supported sites out there, so you can expect link sharing platforms, photo and video services as well as social platforms to be integrated into your dashboard. Therefore, when we say that it brings everything into one interface, we mean it.

The features section was full of useful and highly commendable tools, but sadly, to make the most of the features you need to commit to a higher paid package. This is where Sendible can turn away potential customers who want to pay less for a social media management tool.

If you want to integrate your social channels and e-mail into one area then Sendible can be a great tool for you. However, if you are looking for a tool that is a little less expensive, then you might want to consider checking other tools such like HootSuite or Postling.



  • Schedule Updates Up to 30 Hours
  • Good customer services and support solutions
  • Monitor, track and analyze all areas of social media and email
  • Many of the features are part of the expensive plans
  • Too many services can clog up the interface and confuse the user
  • Plans are relatively expensive
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Author: Idan Cohen

Idan is the co-founder of Website Planet, with over 5 years of experience in online marketing. He masters all things PPC, and has a great passion for Analytics and Testing. His motto is "Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself".

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