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The Domain Name

You have probably heard of a domain name before.

The domain name is effectively the name of a website. It’s what people type into the address bar in their browser when they want to reach a certain site. For example, we all know that in order to get to google, we will need to type in our browsers address bar.

domainSince the domain name is such an important part of our site, it is vital to get to know some tips and tricks on how to choose it, as well as how to purchase it. After all, just like you can’t get a house without a proper address, you better not build a site without a proper domain name.

Here’s how to find the perfect domain name for your business

Choosing the right domain name is integral to the success of your website. It is important to decide on a great name right at the start, since changing it is not an option. Once your customers or potential customers know your website domain name, it will need to stick.

Important as your domain name may be, choosing a successful domain name is not a hard task at all. As long as you keep several simple guidelines in mind, that great name for you site is just around the corner.

Match Your Domain Name to Your Business – If you already have a name for your business, choosing your domain name is pretty much a no brainer. You want to select a domain name that matches the name of your business.

However, if your business name is already taken for some reason, choose a domain name that closely matches it. The last thing you want is to make it hard for customers to reach you. Selecting a domain name that is different than your company name will do exactly that.

Select The Right Top Level Domain – The top-level domain (TLD) refers to the extension placed at the end of a domain name. It is the .com in, for instance.  While the most common TLD is .com, there are a multitude of others available.

It is recommended to go with the most popular TLDs which are .net and .org, apart from the lucrative .com . These TLDs tend to have the best credibility both with customers and with search engines.

Keep it Simple – The shorter your domain name is, the better people can remember it. While it is ultimately best to find a single word domain name, they are often more expensive and rare. However, keeping your domain short should be fairly easy for any business.

If you can’t find the one-word domain name you want, it’s best to use your company name in two words. For example, “” or “” are better than “”.

Avoid Complicated Spelling – Your domain name should be the same as it sounds when you say it aloud. Avoid any complicated spelling or using numerals in the domain name. For instance, if your company’s name is Media 1 go for “” rather than “” or “”

Watch Out For Trademarks – As far as the law is concerned, domain names are considered a trademark just like any other symbol. Therefore, unless you enjoy getting sued, you should steer clear from trademarked items. For example, Porsche is a trademarked name and could not be used in your domain name. A handy website to check up on trademarks is .

Where do I Register?

The most common way to register a domain name is through the service of a Domain Name Registrar. Domain Name registrar exist in abundance, and they all offer the same domain names. Even though the pricing is pretty much similar throughout the registrars, it is best to do a little price check for your domain name before you buy it.

The best and most popular registrars are listed below. Although we chose to demonstrate the registration process with in the next chapter, this process is similiair in all of them.






Tip: Check if there are any coupons being offered: Just go to Google and type in a registrar’s name + coupon. For example, “GoDaddy Coupon”. Coupons are not rare at all and they might give you a discount from your domain name’s standard price.

Alternately, you can purchase your domain through a hosting service. Some hosting services offer deals on domain names while purchasing storage space for your website. This allows to kill two birds with one stone, since the hosting service will also provide you with a place to store your website.

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