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WordPress vs. Weebly – CMS Takes On Web Builder

WordPress has been around for a long while, and in that time interest in the content management system-come complete web builder has only increased. So pitting this giant against Weebly who are a dedicated web builder who have been around half the time of WordPress should give us some food-for-thought.

wordpress vs weebly

We want to look at growth factors, features, prices and then round everything up in a summary. So put aside a few minutes today and let’s take you into the ring as we watch WordPress take on Weebly.

Features & Price

WordPress do a fantastic job of helping the basic-to-advanced user create a website or a blog, easily and efficiently. Back in the day WordPress was just used for blogs, but now whole websites are built on the WordPress platform and technology. With direct access to php, html, css and xsl files, you really have no restrictions with any of the features. You can even edit the theme code you are using, not just WordPress core files.

wordpress code editor

However, I would suggest that if you don’t know PHP then steer clear of trying to mess with the code as you could bring the whole site crashing down and then find it tough to reinstate.

The only downfall to WordPress is that you get one theme with the installation, and that theme is awful. This means you will have to do a bit of searching to find a decent theme. This same principal goes with hosting and a domain name, as you don’t get a complete package like you do with most web builders.

Weebly on the other hand is a great service for those who don’t have the time or skills to create a website from the ground upwards. With drag-and-drop features, hosting, and a domain name coming as part of most packages you have everything in one place. You also have a range of decent themes to choose from, but you do obviously have to pay for this service.

weebly themes

Nonetheless, when you weigh up the costs Weebly is actually the cheaper alternative, despite WordPress being free.

The issue is that you will have to source a theme with WordPress, hosting and a domain name.

This is how the pricing aspect looks:

– WordPress comes in at $95 – $135 (depending on if you use the free theme)

– Weebly comes in at $63.96 (with the addition of a domain purchased separately).

Growth Charts

I have left the growth chart to last as this really does tell a story just by looking at it.

wordpress vs weebly

WordPress (in blue) has always maintained a steady growth, but in 2014 it seems that interest has shot right up as more people utilise the CMS platform. This is one of the steepest climbs I have seen.

The red line, Weebly, is way behind in terms of interest – that could purely be down to the fact it only really started to get noticed late 2008, and that it is designed for the most basic users. You can see Weebly has started to nose dive slightly in recent month.


Even though Weebly wins when it comes to price, and takes a lot of time and hassle out of creating a site, it’s WordPress that really steals the show.

With no restrictions on what you can edit, anyone can have a unique looking site with WordPress. Even if you don’t know coding languages off the cuff, WordPress has enough flexibility for you to create a truly professional site. It has always been the first port of call for many users looking for a content management system, and it is now contending in the web builder space. Visit WordPress or Visit Weebly

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