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Weebly vs WordPress – What You Need To Know

Both are great website builders, both are popular with the masses, but what makes these two platforms so different to each other? That is what the aim of this article is, as we take a look at the features offered, the usability of the platforms, and a look at the pricing structure.

weebly vs wordpress

So let’s step right in, take the pros and the cons from these two heavyweights, and give you a better understanding of which one is best suited to your needs.

Usability and Flexibility

Weebly, I would say is probably the most user-friendly platform on the market at the moment. The website builder really does make it a piece of cake for any unskilled person to be able to easily build a website on the fly.

weebly DIY

Utilizing the “drag-and-drop” method, you can create dynamic and eye-catching websites with maps, videos and contact forms all from the touch of a button from the dashboard.

WordPress on the other hand, can do all of this, but you really need to know your way around the platform but also having some knowledge of coding languages such as JS, CSS and HTML comes in handy.

wordpress code editor

The distinct advantage of WordPress however, is that fact you can pretty much find a plugin for anything you want to do, and you have no restrictions to editing the functions and overall look of the site.

Pricing and Features

We have already talked about the Weebly pricing structure in a previous article that you can refresh yourself with, and we have already pitted WordPress against Squarespace, but let’s just match them together for a minute and look at the differences.

Weebly on average will cost you about $48.96 a year for the starter package (when signed up for a year to begin with). This package offers free hosting, and allows you to connect your own domain. In addition, you get a host of other freebies such as $100 of Google advertising credits and self-branding.

table prices

WordPress is free to download if you are using your own domain, and that is as far as the benefits go. You will need to setup WordPress yourself, and pay for hosting separately (roughly $80 per year on average). Chances are when you buy hosting you will get some freebies such as Google credits, or Facebook credits like Weebly though.

Finally add the cost of a decent theme on, which will set you back about $40, and a domain at $15.

Wordpress themes

– WordPress comes in at $95 – $135 (depending on if you use the free theme)

– Weebly comes in at $63.96 (with the addition of a domain purchased separately).

So there you have it, there is an argument that Weebly at just under $50 per year will give you the best price for the services offered.


There isn’t much between these two platforms when it comes down to selecting one to help you create a website. WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform, as millions of people tend to build their entire site around the WordPress architecture. However, experience and skill are the essential components that separate these two services.

Weebly wins easily when it comes to price, you really can’t beat the price offered and the services and features that come with that price. It certainly takes a lot of hassle out of creating a website.

Therefore, when it comes down to it, it depends on your skill set to which platform would better suit you. If you don’t know much about code then choose Weebly as it will give you less headaches, and on the other hand if you have a basic understanding of code then go for WordPress as the restrictions are few and far between.

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Author: Idan Cohen

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