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Weebly Prices: Just What Do You Get For Your Money?

Incase you haven’t heard of Weebly before, I just wanted to give you a quick heads up of what they offer before we dig into the pricing options they offer. Weebly, acts primarily as a web-hosting service that gives anyone the chance to create their own website (without expert knowledge of HTML or CSS), by letting users simply “drag-and-drop” items and properties into the Weebly website builder.


What we want to focus on in this article are the packages and pricing structure that the company offers to its customers, and whether these prices really are god value for money or not.

So without further-ado, let’s get stuck in…

Firstly, there are three different pricing bands available at Weebly at the moment if you exclude the free package option. The three price bands come in the shape of a basic starter pack, a pro pack, and a business pack. As expected, each pack is graded on different pricing terms, with additional features and tools becoming available for the higher-end packages.

To get a better idea of what is offered let’s take a look at the following table of prices, the features, and the tools that come as part of each package.

Weebly Pricing Breakdown

Weebly prices

As you can see the Weebly Starter package begins at just $4 per month (13 cents a day), which is a competitive price you are not going to find on many website builder sites. The Weebly Pro package comes in at $8 per month (26 cents a day), and then you have quite a big jump up to the Weebly Business package that tops the pile at $25 per month (80 cents a day), which offers everything from free hosting to unlimited products.

Discounts For Longer Commitments

One great incentive with the Weebly pricing system is that you can save money if you take out longer subscriptions to each service plan. The discounted upgrade options come in three plan lengths: 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years, apart from the Business package which swaps a 6 month plan for a 1 month plan.

If you want to upgrade your Starter package for a longer period then you can save up to 32%. This means you can benefit from a low $3.29 monthly plan if you chose a 2-year subscription. This works out at just under 11 cents per day.

weebly starter package

This saving can also be seen in both of the other packages, with a top 33% saving for a 2-year subscription to the Pro package (bringing it in at a low $6.63 per month):

weebly pro package

Finally, a 33% saving is also available on a 2-year plan with the business package which brings the monthly cost right down, to $19.54:

weebly business package

Summary of Prices

Overall, what you get for your money at Weebly is highly impressive. I mean, where would you be able to build a professional ecommerce site, and have it hosted each month for as little as $3.29?

There really aren’t many places that make this kind of thing possible, so for business owners and sole traders the Weebly service and prices that they offer are an extremely tempting investment that is really worth going for.

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