You are in:   >> Releases Facebook Cover Image Designer Releases Facebook Cover Image Designer (owners of the DIY website creation service Pagemodo) have added a new tool for users, a Facebook Cover Image Designer.  If you’ve ever tried to make a Facebook

cover image, then you know how difficult it is.  The dimensions are odd and you need to try to make the design attractive, all while working around the wonky placement of your page’s profile picture.  A service like this is definitely needed, but is’s implementation any good?

What All Can I Do With It?

When using’s Facebook Cover Image Designer, you realize quickly that its not just a basic editor.  This service has tons of features, from a great set of templates, to a library of built in, stock photos to choose from.  There is also a highly usable text editor that allows for tons of customizability for your text (as well as a bunch of built in, custom fonts).  There are some other features available as well, but you can’t access them in the free version.

Is It Free?

Kind of.’s Facebook Cover Image Designer is technically “freemium”, meaning that its free to use, but if you want access to some of its more powerful features, then you’re going to have to pay.  The free version does place a small Pagemodo watermark onto your image though.  If you are looking to upgrade to the premium version, then you must purchase a Pagemodo monthly plan (starting at $4.98 per month currently).’s New Tool is Great for Those Who Don’t Already Have a Graphic Designer

This is a great tool to use if you don’t already have a graphic designer or access to a piece of software like photoshop.  While it does have a small price tag associated with it, its nothing that will set you back too much (especially since it includes use of the Pagemodo site editor).  If you have a need for Facebook cover, then make sure to check it out at their website. (

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