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Squarespace Templates – Are They That Impressive?

When it comes to Squarespace we have often given them merit for a range of features and options that come with a package plan. Whether it’s ecommerce, or the ease of building a website they work hard to be the best. One area where they do excel is themed templates to give your site that polished look.

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What we want to do in today’s post is look at some of the themes they offer and what impresses us most about them. Put 10 minutes aside, and let’s look at some of the best of the best in Squarespace themes.

Responsive Design & Live Previews

There are two key things to ask yourself when picking a template, and they are:

–          Will my site work in mobile browsers as well as on desktop?

–          What does this theme look like on other people’s site?

Now most sites offer a mobile theme, and in a year where mobile is fast becoming a major platform to view websites you don’t have to ask why. There is nothing worse than trying to view a site on a mobile that has been designed only for desktop viewing, and that’s why Squarespace offer responsive design.

mobile view

No matter whether you are using your iPad Air, your Galaxy S5 or a laptop…the theme will adjust to that view.

What most services don’t offer is a chance to view your theme in action, on another site. Sure, they give you previews of the theme in basic demo mode but nothing else.

customers using websites

Where Squarespace really excel is that they show you customers that are using the theme you are thinking about using, so you can get a good grasp on the capabilities that theme has.

Theme Support

One thing that I always look for when using a theme is tutorials, guides and support. Each theme comes in its basic form, waiting for you to start personalising it in the way that you see best.

user guides

I can guarantee you right now, that when you get stuck into customising your theme that you will run aground at some point and think “How do I…” this is where you can easily refer to the user guides which will detail all the features and tweaks that you can make to the theme. Usually 90% of questions are answered here.

Squarespace have created these walkthroughs for you, offering template guides for some of their popular themes.


If you are looking for the right theme then Squarespace doesn’t put a foot wrong, they offer a collection of professional looking themes built and designed by professional designers. They go a step further than just putting design demos in front of you, they create user guides and the chance for you to see that theme being used and personalised on a collection of other sites.

Overall, Squarespace don’t just want you to pick a theme and then find out down the line you are unhappy with it. They want you to have the support guides, and give you a peak of just what you can achieve with such a theme. Visit Squarespace

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