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How To Change The Text Selection Color of Your Text With CSS

One thing that a lot of top end designers are doing at the moment is altering the behavior of the text selection style, which is a CSS feature that hasn’t been stumbled across by a lot of people.

text selection style

Firstly, what is this feature?

When you go to a website and select or highlight a portion of the text on that page by clicking down on the right mouse button and dragging over the text you will see that the text is usually highlighted in blue.

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How to Check If You Meet Facebook’s New 20% Content Rule

Content has always been king in the SEO and Google world over the past 10 to 20 years, but  Facebook have a different stance on this. They actually want your cover images and promoted images to contain no more than 20% text.

Facebook Content Fail

The funny thing about this new rule is that Facebook actually break it themselves, which you can clearly see from the image below:

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Can Too Many Links Have a Negative Impact?

This is one of those age old questions that keep popping up in the SEO world over the years, can having too many links pointing into one site have a negative impact in the way that Google and other search engines rank us?

SEO Links

A lot of people came up with the theory that there would be some kind of link velocity cap, which once hit would trigger off an alarm at Google. The truth is that there is no kind of limit of cap for the amount of links that are built into a website.

Read More Releases Facebook Cover Image Designer (owners of the DIY website creation service Pagemodo) have added a new tool for users, a Facebook Cover Image Designer.  If you’ve ever tried to make a Facebook

cover image, then you know how difficult it is.  The dimensions are odd and you need to try to make the design attractive, all while working around the wonky placement of your page’s

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