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3 Strategies for Increasing Content Shelf Life

Every piece of content you create has a finite shelf life. On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, that shelf life can often be measured in hours or minutes. And due to the endless need to create new content, this can create a serious problem for even the most prolific websites. But producing a steady stream of new material doesn’t necessarily involve creating something that’s entirely new.


Many of the leading distributors of content on the Internet use what is known as content re-purposing to help meet their quota for new content. Anytime you turn on the news and find a story being covered for the fifth time with only a few new additions, you’re witnessing content re-purposing in action.

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Shopify vs Bigcommerce: Bringing Your Store To Life

Nowadays creating a website is so much easier than 10-15 years ago with the help of website builders. Not only do they help you create a professionally looking sleek design, but they even throw in hosting, domains and marketing tools. Gone are the days of FrontPage.

shopify vs bigcommerce

However, one major element is missing and that is adding eCommerce functionality to your online presence, something that most business sites need or would like to incorporate. That’s why we have chosen to throw Shopify up against Bigcommerce in today’s battle of the shopping cart!

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Six Recent Studies to Boost Conversions

Time and time again, research has proven that very minor tweaks to your site can create very big improvements for your bottom line. This is particularly true when those tweaks are targeted with the aid of industry research.

conversion rate

Every year, countless A/B tests are performed on websites all over the Internet to figure out new and innovative ways to increase conversions. Below will look at six recent examples of this testing, and how these findings can help improve the effectiveness your own site.

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Weebly vs Squarespace: Who Do You Turn To?

There was a time that Weebly dominated a good part of the website builder sector, not all that long ago either. However, in 2014 it seems that Squarespace are bridging the gap where Weebly are falling away.


In today’s post, we want to look at why this pattern seems to be occurring, as we delve deeper into the services offered by these two web building heavyweights. We will look at growth, pricing and features available to the potential customer.

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