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7 Tips and Tricks for Boosting Your Google+ Page (Pt 1)

Compared to many other social media platforms, Google+ is quite the anomaly. With many features unique to the service, best practices for businesses using Google+ can vary drastically compared to sites like Facebook. Fortunately, it’s still not rocket science, and just about anyone can take small and simple steps to boost their own Google+ page.

7 Tips and Tricks for Boosting Your Google+ Page


Below you’ll find seven tips for getting the most out of your Google+ business page, from simple ways that you can expand your readership to excellent tools you can use to drive engagement.

Expand Your Reach

Webinars are ideal for expanding your email lists and a developing loyal audience. But if you’ve ever tried running a webinar, you know that the software can be both expensive and hard to use, but Google+ can help. Google+ hangouts enable you to run your webinar through their service for free, and automatically stream that feed to your YouTube channel for posterity. The end result is a drastic increase in the reach of your brand, including the residual gains from the saved stream.

If you’re looking to get started with Google hangouts, it’s a good idea to check out HOAShows and submit your hangout to their directory. HOAShows is one of the Internet’s most popular and regularly updated directories for hangout information. It’s also a good place to check out other hangouts if you’re looking to learn.

Maintaining Conversations with Google Drive

Another Google tool you should be using is Google Drive, which offers free cloud-based file storage. With Google Drive, you can easily share a great deal of information with your audience, from PowerPoint presentations to PDFs. Google Drive is a perfect place to centralize your distribution of these documents, and ultimately help to add an enormous amount of value to your hangouts on air. For example, if you used a PDF or slideshow in your hangouts, you could then make those documents available through Google Drive, allowing you to keep that conversation going long after your event is over.

Increase Shelf Life

One of the best features of Google+ is its ability to share posts by embedding them directly into your blog. There are several benefits to embedding. First and foremost, because posts in your Google+ page are eventually lost as your news stream continues to grow, and betting that content in your blog can act to extend its shelf life.


Second, because these embedded posts provide a direct connection back to your Google+ profile, interactions with that content on your blog, including +1s, shares, and comments, will appear directly on your blog. This seamless integration between your social media channels and your blog reinforces.

Google+ also has a little-known feature called Auto Awesome that allows you to create fully animated videos by using video or photo files. Just download the Google+ app to your phone and enable Auto Awesome in the app settings. After you’ve done that, just upload some pictures to Google+ and in a few minutes Google automatically make a video for you.

Part 2 will be available here in the coming days.

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