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3 Ways to Be Successful on Twitter

You may not need a degree in marketing for your business to successfully reach people on twitter, but there are a few things you should know if you want to make the most out of your social media energies.

3 Ways to Be Successful on Twitter

Below we’ll look at the three most important elements of a truly successful Twitter channel, and how you can incorporate them yourself in only a few minutes.

Use  Evergreen Posting

Less than half of all Twitter users login every single day, so many of the things you post are probably entirely missed by a large portion of your followers. With the shelf life of a tweet being only a few hours, it’s incredibly important to learn how to work smarter rather than harder. One of the best things you can do to increase the efficiency of your channel is to know what you should be posting, when you should be doing it, and to never post anything only one time.

A good way to start solving this problem is to routinely check your Twitter metrics on Tweroid, which is a free tool you can use to gain detailed insight into your specific audience and their Twitter using habits. This data combined with the innate analytics provided by Twitter, it’s easy to figure out the ideal time to post to increase clicks, retweets, and the like. After you know when your engagement is piqued, use that information to create a regular content schedule. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, you can use a service like Edgar to automatically save and schedule updates, allowing you to use Twitter in a more hands-off way.

Make Use of Influential People

Although it sounds counter-intuitive, in many cases, having one very influential follower is more valuable than having 100 average followers. The influential people in your niche aren’t merely experts; they’re also the gatekeepers to some of the largest captive audiences on Twitter. One of the quickest ways to increase your visibility on this platform is to get on their radar, engage with them in conversations, and ultimately use them as a resource to build your own channel.

And it’s easy to get started. The first step is to create a list of the most influential Twitter accounts relevant to your niche. Before you go carrying out a small research project to create your very own list, you should make sure that one doesn’t exist already. To look for existing lists, had to Twitter and perform a search for a keyword relevant to your niche. Once you have your search results, look in the timeline on the left-most sidebar, and Twitter poll present you with every publicly existing list for that particular phrase.

After you have that list, you can use it to remain connected to these users, and even use them as a resource to help you discover new content that you can share with your own followers. If you’re only tracking two or three influential accounts, you probably don’t need any help in terms of automation, but if the list of people your keeping tabs on is more substantial, you’ll probably want to consider using social media software like HootSuite to help make the process that much easier.


Appeal to Psychology

Psychologists believe that curiosity is a cognitive means for us to identify a gap in our knowledge. People tend to try and close this gap by learning more and satisfying their curiosity, something that people are hardwired to do. We’re particularly curious about things that we think we should know. If you want to drive engagement on your Twitter channel, you really need to mobilize curiosity in your favor. This is particularly true for anyone outside of the entertainment industry, especially those who struggle to make their content interesting for audiences.

The next time you’re going to post to Twitter, take a moment to think about how you can appeal to someone’s curiosity. How can what you have to say be connected with our innate desire for self-improvement? For example, if you were in the aquarium niche, “13 Awful Aquarium Tips You Should Ignore” might get your readers asking what kind of bad advice they’ve received, and their curiosity would drive them to click.

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